Fist And Furious : Be a Hero in This Game!


Fighting is one way to protect yourself from attack by bullies or thugs, fighting is an activity that is reprehensible, but if you are in a trapped state and you will be obliged to fight. This is a behavior that is not exemplary. But the game that I will discuss this time is a game which requires you to fight, but just calm, this is not in the real world but in the virtual world. With an enemy that number will increase more and more, you may be preoccupied to kill every enemy in this game. Curious? Check out reviews of the game made of Magicbean with this Fist and Furious title.

Begins With a Very Clearly Tutorial


This game has a lot of features that might confuse you when you play it, but do not worry if you are confused to play it, because when you first play this game you will be presented a very clear and complete tutorial, starting from how to attack the enemy, how to upgrade your character to be stronger, the items are to be used and so on. With a bunch of tutorials that you definitely will not be confused when you first play it.

Fighting is a Choice

What would happen if you were attacked by the enemy and you’re just one man? Surely you feel very overwhelmed right ?. That’s what you feel when you play this game, you just need to slide on the screen of your smartphone so that you can smack and hit your opponent so that they would knockouts.

But keep in mind that enemies you encountered, will grow more and more.

But don’t worry, you can upgrade your character to be stronger or buy new characters with their own abilities.

You will also be able to get an item in the form of shirts, pants, shoes, etc., that would make your character increasingly more powerful when they wear it.

Friendly 3D Graphics

As long as you play this game you will be spoiled by a 3D graphical presentation that I think it was very good. Not too much when presenting a 3D graphics, but it can make your eyes more comfortable. But I think the presented music not make me feel so comfortable, the music is suitable for the fighting game genre, but in my opinion, I do not feel comfortable with the presented music. So far, this presentation was enough for me.

Need an Update

It is an input from me because of this that I feel when I play this game. This game is great in terms of gameplay and graphics, but unfortunately when I try to play it I must sign in first to my account and it takes a very long time, even though the internet at my house in a stable and aren’t in any error condition. Yes, this game is online so you should require an internet connection to play.



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